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The Affected Communities and Allies Working Group

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Affected Communities and Allies Working Group is to raise awareness of the legacy and ongoing impact on frontline communities by the nuclear industrial complex. We are a Working Group of the Nuclear Ban Treaty Collaborative, working to fulfill the promise of the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and to press the United States and all nuclear-armed nations to sign, ratify, and implement the Treaty. We advocate for policy and action to assist survivors and affected communities impacted by ongoing and intergenerational harms resulting from radioactive violence.

Vision Statement:

The Affected Communities and Allies Working Group is a safe space, where Indigenous, First Nations, Pacific Islanders, Downwinders, Atomic Veterans, nuclear weapons and nuclear test survivors, those otherwise impacted by nuclear policies, and allies can come together to strategize and organize actions for the total elimination of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy.

We cannot eliminate nuclear weapons as long as we allow the commercial use of uranium and plutonium, parade nuclear energy as a climate solution, and create pathways for private corporations to make a profit.

We call for the dismantling of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy as they are both forms of nuclear colonial violence and are impossible to separate. The global nuclear industrial complex – from uranium mining, to fuel fabrication, to weapons manufacturing and the creation of radioactive waste – produces carcinogenic and mutagenic harms that will last hundreds of thousands of years. 

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