Nuclear Ban Treaty Collaborative

There are currently four active Working Groups in the Collaborative; they are open to anyone who wants to work!

The Days of Action Working Group identifies key dates on the calendar related to nuclear weapons with a focus on those dates that are related to the aims and commitments of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. January 22, for instance, the anniversary of the entry into force of the treaty, is one […]
The Schools of Mass Destruction Working Group was inspired by the report of the same name issued by ICAN. That report identifies the top 50 colleges and universities in the US that are connected to nuclear weapons research or production work whether they are managing the Nuclear Weapons Labs (hey, there, University of California!) or […]
In its first ten months, the Localities and Legislators Working Group has, in addition to sorting itself out, accomplished the following: 1. Set up a listserv to connect all 33 members. 2. Many members either have persuaded their city councils (or state legislatures) to pass resolutions in support of nuclear abolition, or are currently in […]
Mission Statement: The mission of the Affected Communities and Allies Working Group is to raise awareness of the legacy and ongoing impact on frontline communities by the nuclear industrial complex. We are a Working Group of the Nuclear Ban Treaty Collaborative, working to fulfill the promise of the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of […]
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